Publish It


So, you’re ready to put it in writing?

We offer several options that many publishers may not, as the ability to price services separately. This allows the consumer to avoid paying for services they don’t benefit from that are locked into a high-priced package deal. In addition, all our services come with some general publishing knowledge counseling, so an author is more aware of which services would best benefit their scenario. In addition, the best part of our little publishing company is the ability to provide the rather expensive ISBN and copyright options to authors at a ridiculously low price. The current price for both options on the market is $500.00, and we are lucky enough to be able to charge much less than that. This ensures that unlike real “vanity press” publishers, the author can retain the copyright and ISBN rights to the work they created. This is something I am absolutely passionate about!


W H A T W E O F F E R:

The Basic Option:

Stock pages (can include laser cream paper)

Perfect bound paperbacks with satin covers

Black & White sketches/pictures

Includes 3 colors per cover if submitted with manuscript

Manuscript must be submitted in PDF format via email and includes all applicable formatting for size (5X6, 6X9, 8X10).

A D D O N S:

Additional Costs Include:

Set Up Fee – Formatting For Print

ISBN – Book Identification Number (required)

Barcode – Price Indicator

LCCN – Library Catalog Registration

CopyRight – Author Retains

We also have marketing and graphic design options with customized pricing for each project. Message for details!