Tish Jackson Does Horror …Do You?


How Many Ways Can A Women Expunge Her Demons Through Murder?

Catharsis is the first short fiction collection by Tish Jackson. After being published in several notable anthologies, including the 2-17 Bram Stoker Award nominated Sycorax’s Daughters, these stories follow the theme of “Cheaters” with cheating boyfriends and women under siege. How does one deal with a life derailed into horrific circumstances, or a demon child taking an extreme liking to your innate maternal instinct? Prejudice rears its ugly head in one offering, except it is predicated on who is considered ‘alive’ instead of skin color. Sometimes, love is the culprit, causing murder and mayhem stemming from innocent misunderstandings. Other times the intent is evil from the get go but ends up backfiring in the WORST way. What we think are inanimate objects may come to life to fulfill a will of their own. And as always, the best laid plans usually go left in unimaginable scenarios full of blood, guts and regrets. All of these experiences, as varied and unexpected as they may be, always result in a much-needed release.

Name: Tish Jackson

Born and Raised:  Vallejo, California

AstroSign:  Sagittarius

Residence:  NorCal

Education:  Dillard University, New Orleans, Louisiana

Tish grew up in the Bay Area of Northern California and started writing in elementary school. Graduating to crafting murder mysteries in high school, the love of writing stuck. After graduating from an HBCU in New Orleans, she moved back home and continued writing. Her story ‘The Love of a Zombie is Everlasting’ was included in Brandon Massey’s horror anthology Whispers in the Night: Dark Dreams III. Her newest story, ‘Cheaters’ (confirming they never prosper) was included in the 2017 Bram Stoker Award nominated anthology ‘Sycorax’s Daughters’. This is her first fiction collection of short stories detailing the ways that people try to heal their own pain through murder. If you’re looking for a scary good time, Tish can be reached at TishDoesHorror@jacksonpress.net.

Prior Contributions:

The Love of a Zombie is Everlasting – Dark Dreams III


Cheaters – Sycorax’s Daughters

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