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How Many Ways Can A Women Expunge Her Demons Through Murder?

This is the first short fiction by Tish Jackson. After being published in several notable anthologies, including the Bram Stoker Award 2017 nominee Sycorax’s Daughters, these stories follow the theme of “Cheaters” with cheating boyfriends and women under siege. How does one deal with a life derailed into horrific circumstances, or a demon child taking an extreme liking to your innate maternal instinct? Prejudice rears its ugly head in one offering, except it is predicated on who is considered ‘alive’ instead of skin color.

Name: Tish Jackson

Born and Raised:  Vallejo, California

AstroSign:  Sagittarius

Residence:  NorCal

Education:  Dillard University, New Orleans, Louisiana

Tish Jackson has been writing since elementary school, usually creating stories of suspense or horror to terrify her family and friends. She was also an avid poet and was a regular on the poetry circuit in the Bay Area and Las Vegas. She has written for several internet websites as an editorial columnist, and ran a weblog, Really Smart Talk, and participated in the monthly Radical Women of Color Carnival. However, Ms. Jackson has decided to focus more on the creepy aspects of literature, as those seem to be the most satisfying. 

Ms. Jackson is a native of Northern California, born and raised in the Bay Area.  She started writing in elementary school, and had her first taste of success by winning an essay contest on Marine World Africa USA!  In junior high, Tish wrote a murder thriller that was actually pretty good for a 14 year old.  However, life called and Tish answered, attending Dillard University in New Orleans before moving back to the Bay.  There, she resumed her first love, writing poetry and performing spoken word artistry at Dorsey’s Locker in Oakland.  Tish traveled the west coast performing poetry from San Jose to Las Vegas, but her next big break wouldn’t come until she moved to Michigan!  She landed a job writing a sexuality column for the now defunct, a website devoted to beautifying women inside and out.  That job opened up the world of the internet (Thanks Frances!) and websites, blogs and commentaries soon followed.  Within two years, Tish submitted a short story and an essay to different publishers and was accepted.  She currently has a family history novel being published, a book of short stories & poetry pending publication, and is planning another book of essays based on her internet writing.  This is an author with her hand in every genre, from Horror to History!  Please take this opportunity to get to know Tish and her writing by perusing the website and leaving some feedback. 

Good Writing To You!

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