Mannn, Facebook is CANCELED

Ok that’s it. I tried Facebook because “that’s the way it’s done” or so they say. You gotta promote yourself on Facebook, they say. You gotta have an author page for your work, they say. Meanwhile every other day Zuckerberg and crew selling y’alls data to the highest bidder. And don’t even have the graciousness to properly apologize for it. So yeah, I’m straight. I’m probably taking down my current Facebook page. Honestly I only set it up after going to StokerCon2017 and everyone needed your Facebook for contact. I was like, uh, I don’t have one? I don’t even want one? Okayyyyy.

Sure it was set up under a fake name. Yeah, it doesn’t have my real birthday on there. Yep, just the one picture uploaded–me and Grandma hanging out at South’s restaurant downtown. So if Facebook wants to sell that to Cambridge Analytica, go right ahead. But that’s all y’all punk asses getting! lol.

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