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Write a post… That phrase on facebook when starting a post is almost as scary as a blank page during writing block. Sure, I’ll write a post, no problem. I’ll just tell my kids to go AWAY, stop asking me a billion zillion questions about everything…No, I’m NOT getting snacks or cooking dinner or explaining Twitter to you (my six yr old). I’m going to take facebook’s advice and ya know, write a post. Right? Not a post about my new job and how I love it soooo much because I work from home so I can work at midnight as well as 8am…but I am usually writing my own stuff at midnight, so in actuality, there have been NO posts, facebook, becz I’ve been so caught up being super adjuster, I haven’t made time to–yep, you guessed it–Write a post. However, I’m a month or two in and things are starting to settle a bit. Now I can tell the kids to go do their thing so I can finish the “day job” work. Thereby freeing me up to get them in bed and then start my REAL writing. I’ve always been slow about things, but am learning in my old age to be patient with myself. Eh, sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t lol. So here I am, back to work. 1. 2 Stories away from finishing my collection of short stories. A wife going crazy and a modern take on King’s Christine await my editing skills. 2. Grandma’s history book is just about done editing…of course Daddy wants to add his own thing to it. I said sure but just so y’all know I am not waiting on him. Shoot I procrastinate enough for 20 ppl and don’t need to add any extras lol. 3. There is a anthology coming out this year from the Bay Area team of horror writers that I am trying to submit to. We are donating all proceeds to the Paradise fire victims here in the Sierra mountain foothills. Hope it makes a zillion bucks because that was a cluster you-know-what and everything gets works when you’re depending on FEMA. or any government assistance. Ask NOLA. Ask Puerto Rico. Enty-Way! I will be saving my personal views for my website Tish Does Horror. Let’s be real. I don’t trust our buddy Mark Zucks to keeping NOTHING on here private. As a matter of fact, I fully expect him to try and sell me, my personal data, and any personal beliefs I post here to the highest bidder. So yeah, I’m on enough lists lol I don’t need facebook putting me on any more. WAIT A MINUTE! Did I just…Write A Post???? Tish

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