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HWA’s The Seer’s Table–Gerri R. Gray


Gerri R. Gray is a busy woman.

She has been writing since elementary school. Even as a young “filly” as she puts it, Gerri was writing poetry and short stories in elementary school. From poetry to plays to musicals–with scores composed on her guitar, Gerri has been putting pen to paper as long as. One of those musical plays turned into her debut novel The Amnesia Girl published in 2017 by HellBound Books.

The Amnesia Girl tells the story of a young girl who doesn’t know who she is or why she wakes up in a psychiatric ward. The book takes us through the main character’s journey to self-discovery with her partner in crime, a delusional lesbian who helps her break out of the ward on the search for the truth. Filled with dark humor, the two escapees discover that the outside world can be just as crazy as any insane asylum.

Gerri also has a book of dark poetry and prose also published in 2018 by HellBound entitled Dark Skies of Dismal Dreams. However, my recommended work of hers is the latest work by Gerri R. Gray, an anthology she compiled and edited called Graveyard Girls. With over 500 pages of women writing scary shit, there is definitely something in there for everyone. The stories range from polite horror to religious fervor gone murderous, each story as satisfying as a sweet piece of chocolate melting on your palate. Gerri also has her own story in the anthology, called Of Black Butterflies which gives one woman a glimpse of life after death. Ms. Gray has stated she wanted to give women writers a chance to have a voice in what is often a male dominated field. This anthology achieves that goal in a major way.

Gerri is currently working on the sequel to The Amnesia Girl and her fans can’t wait for its arrival.

Here is an excerpt from her story included in the anthology Graveyard Girls, ‘Of Black Butterflies’ (HellBound Books):

Tears of joy instantly welled up in her eyes, and the urge to run to Cliff for comfort twisted her stomach into knots. She felt compelled to scream out her undying love to him, and she ached for him to hold her and make her nightmare vanish. And then her eyes shifted to the bloodstained shirt he was wearing, and her blood turned to ice in her veins. He strolled to the rear of the vehicle and helped the other man load the rest of the bags in the trunk.

The two men embraced in the way that lovers entwine around each other. And as their lips met in a tender kiss, the seam of one of the overstuffed trash bags split open and out rolled a decapitated head. Its face was gruesomely contorted, and despite the dark coagulated blood that matted its hair and clung to most of its face like a mask of gore, Marie was able to make out the features. It was a face that she instantly recognized. It was hers.

Gerri R. Gray can be reached at:

Website: http://gerrigray.webs.com

Amazon https://www.author/gerri_r_gray 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GerriRGray 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorGerriGray

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