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I’d like to introduce you to KD Webster, a new horror writer hailing from Denver, Colorado. Originally from the Dallas area, KD brings a sense of Texas justice with the cold topography of Colorado to his work. He began writing as a result of his love of reading. Indulging in his affinity for fantasy and science fiction allowed him a form of escapism as a child that he used to create his own worlds. As an adult, he began writing down the thoughts and ideas from those worlds and expanding on the same themes. Realizing last year that those ideas had grown to fill several notebooks, KD Webster began putting together his first offering, Adrian’s Children.

The story revolves around Adrian Crisp, a man-made vampire infected with an experimental virus that gives him all the powers of the typical undead. KD actually dreamed up the idea for the book and decided to keep the dream aspect as the story’s point of view. What is unique about Mr. Webster’s work is that he decided to publish Adrian’s Children in serial form. This author teases us with each chapter, hooking us with a delicious premise then making us wait for the next round like an old Batman cliffhanger episode.

Each story was published on its own with a promise of an upcoming installment. Starting with ‘Prelude’, the Adrian’s Children series details Adrian coming to grips with his new incarnation—and his attempts to create more vampires like him. The next offering introduces the readers into the vampire’s nemesis Jason March and his efforts to catch the vampire. The last story provides the back story to Adrian Crisp, explaining what happened in his former life that led up to his current existence. Readers can find all six installments currently on Amazon, but for those like me that simply cannot wait, KD is republishing all of them as a novella due out next month!

KD’s latest project is called Dreamweaver, a novel that tells the story of a young teenage girl who finds an alter ego in another dimension. Destiny Dustman discovers she is a warrior tasked with saving the world she just found out about. Problem is, she only wants to be a regular teenager with a regular life. Of course mayhem ensues and Destiny must navigate both worlds to fulfill her namesake. Fun fact: KD states that while working on Dreamweaver, stories about Adrian’s Children kept sidetracking his progress. However, he finally caught up and Dreamweaver is scheduled for an October 22nd release and its sequel Dreamquest will be available November 12, 2019.

Here is an excerpt from Adrian’s Children: Prelude – Published May 2019

My name is Daniel Hosea. Freelance Journalist. Investigative reporter. Part-time movie junkie. When I was a young boy, the only monsters I had to be afraid of were the ones on the big screen. My grandfather would take me to see all the major players. Werewolves and witches, ghosts and ghouls, the occasional Dracula and all the others that go bump in the night. He’d tell Mom and Pop that we were going to … well whatever kid-friendly flick was out at the time. He’d get us a couple of G rated tickets. But as soon as we’d get our cola and popcorn, we’d veer off and duck over into the screening room showing what we really came to see. The monster of the week. And for the next two hours or so I’d be scared out of my pants. Gasping and jumping at every slash and gash, getting all into the creepy synth music. The special effects and prosthetics and the blood and guts; it all seemed so real to my young wide eyes.

But the most frightening scares were the ones just out of sight of the camera. The boogeyman you couldn’t see, but you knew was right around the corner. Behind the closed door, down that dark corridor. The psychological terror that allows the imagination to fill in the blanks. And a young boy’s imagination can go places a more rational mind can’t.

You can find KD Webster and his books here:

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