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Whatchoo Doing???

Welp, I am working on project after project and it actually feels GOOD. I love being writer-busy. It means things are happening. I like–no sometimes I NEED to have deadlines and it is working!

The Seers Table – Writing a column for the HWA-Horror Writers Association makes me feel some kinda way. Check it out!

Gabby The Bugatti – I know it’s not horror, but I wrote this children’s story for my son about a Bugatti and am now making a children’s book with an awesome illustrator Nishay Gordon.

Catharsis – THIS is my BABY!!! My book of short stories titled “Catharsis: How Many Ways Can A Woman Expunge Her Demons Through Murder” which is looking for a publishing home. I think I may self-publish and market this myself. We shall see. It will carry 2 previously published stories; The Love of a Zombie is Everlasting and Cheaters, which was featured in the Bram Stoker nominated anthology Sycorax’s Daughters.


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